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How to Turn Your Old Bicycles into an Empowered Community

Bicycles for Humanity

Hub Australia

14th February 2019

As part of Hub Australia’s focus on impact and supporting purpose-driven businesses, 31 businesses have been welcomed to Hub’s locations Australia-wide to continue growing their businesses and endeavours over 2019.

One of these Flexi-Impact members is Bicycles for Humanity.

Bicycles for Humanity is a 100% volunteer-run grassroots organisation that aims to make a life-changing difference to developing countries through improving basic mobility.

Their Melbourne contingency enables a sustainable model – recycling bicycles to improve access to basic human needs within African communities. Their program enables access to education, health care, the wider community and other resources.

Approximately 480 donated, pre-loved bicycles are packed into shipping containers and sent to Africa, where the container becomes a workshop and creates ongoing employment opportunities.

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What does Bicycles for Humanity aim to achieve in 2019?

We have big plans! We’re in the process of restructuring our organisation to create a board /working committee structure, and are looking to expand our collection sites around Melbourne and to increase awareness of donating second-hand bicycles rather than sending them to landfill.

We’re also going to continue working closely with our in-country partner BEN Namibia to ensure local workshops remain sustainable through increased training and mentoring, and are looking to engage teams and organisations through CSR initiatives.

How will Bicycles for Humanity change the world?

We have 3 main visions of the effect we can have:

Environmentally, we work to reduce bicycles going to landfill

On the ground, we empower local communities by giving them volunteering opportunities and ways of engaging with the community, and we also continue to empower communities in Africa to develop sustainable enterprises.

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What are your top 3 favourite things about working at Hub?

I’ve been meeting great people around the space, and find the staff super friendly and helpful with anything I need. I also think the facilities are great – especially having the end-of-trip showers and towels for when I ride in to work.

My favourite thing about coworking is being around other people – I find it’s a lovely change from working in my kitchen and being distracted by the washing and cooking!
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Bicycles for Humanity
What’s your favourite thing about being part of an impact-driven business?

As a volunteer, I always get so much more than I give.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be involved with a fabulous group of people who volunteer in Melbourne and I love the connections we have with our partners in Africa.

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What motivates you each day?

Being the healthiest version of myself allows me to create opportunities to empower others, both through my volunteer work with Bicycles for Humanity, as well as my work as a Physiotherapist and Wellness Coach.

How can people support Bicycles for Humanity?

There are many opportunities for people to become involved in Bicycles for Humanity:

  • Volunteering behind the scenes or at bicycle packing days
  • Engaging their teams – we are trying to create more engagement through CSR initiatives
  • Signing up to our newsletter
  • Spreading the word about the work we are doing, where people can donate old bicycles and engaging through social media!
  • Join our fundraiser and cycle in March to raise money!

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