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Welcoming our 2024 Flexi Impact members


Hub Australia

19th January 2024

9 min. read

We’re thrilled to announce our 2024 Flexi Impact members: 88 people from 40 impact-led organisations who will be joining our workspaces across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra. 

As part of Hub’s impact initiatives, our annual Flexi Impact program gives away complimentary memberships that equate to 1% of our total desk capacity. Each membership is valid for a year, and provides a purpose-built space to work, network, and grow their impact.


Meals with Impact

Meals with Impact is on a mission to empower women from migrant and refugee backgrounds to overcome systemic barriers and find employment success through a shared love of food. Together with their partners and supporters, Meals with Impact employs women from these communities to co-design and produce culturally appropriate meals tailored for food relief and to the wider community.

The Social Economy Group

The Social Economy Group is a social-purpose consultancy that works with international civil society organisations, non-profits, philanthropists and impact businesses to deliver change. They accelerate organisational learning, clarify strategic choices, and clear obstacles – measuring success by how their clients achieve greater impact, more sustainably.

Human Rights Education Associates

Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) exists to equip and enable organisations and communities in Victoria to make human rights and equality a reality. Working with a range of leading specialists in their field, HREA offers workshops, learning design, research and review, and mentoring and coaching. 

Infinity Ensemble

Infinity is the Platform Arts ensemble made up of seven young people from across Victoria. They work with director Jackson Castiglione to make internationally recognised contemporary performances that help make sense of the cultural and political shifts we’re all navigating, including themes like identity, agency, and ageism. 

The Mental Health Coach

The Mental Health Coach works to ensure that everyone, everywhere, has the opportunity to be supported by someone with mental health literacy skills when they need it. Besides offering Mental Health First Aid training, they also have a flagship program designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ young people. 

Hey Lemonade 

Hey Lemonade is a wellbeing app designed to activate people’s optimism when dealing with life’s lemons. Developed with a team of experts and tested by the CSIRO, the app provides a library of three-minute, situation-specific pep talks to address modern-day work and life stresses – all delivered in a variety of well-known Australian voices. 


Thankyou is a social enterprise that brings consumers a product choice that exists for one purpose only: to help create a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty. All their products are designed to be kind to humans and the planet, with a focus on circularity and reusability instead of the traditional single-use plastic options. 


After was born out of a desire to provide a sustainable, transparent and accessible recycling alternative to combat the 92 million tonnes of textile waste disposed of in landfills each year. By reinventing ethical textile disposal, they empower Australia’s participation in the circular economy. 

StreetSmart Australia

StreetSmart’s goal is to end homelessness in Australia. By raising funds and awareness to support smaller, grassroots organisations, they bring about change for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. 


Doctors.com.au believes that preventative healthcare is better than cure. They partner with leading organisations to target populations of people at risk of diseases and tailor health recommendations for these individuals – ensuring they get the right screenings and tests. 

Earthwize Group

Earthwize is Melbourne’s most ethical commercial cleaning company, with quality results. They aim to become Australia’s first B Corp certified cleaning company where all their staff are company-employed and fairly-paid, using only chemical-free cleaning processes. 

kandu sustainability

kandu empowers organisations to take climate action by equipping them with skills, knowledge and know-how. They believe in small collective action that drives meaningful impact, and that together, “we kandu more”. 


As the world’s first personal sustainability platform, zimbo provides a digital approach to climate care. Their app simplifies, motivates and rewards personal sustainability – and allows users to easily track the positive impact that their sustainable habits have. 


Candella is championing for Australia to be more inclusive and equitable for people living with mental ill-health. Specialising in recovery-oriented mental health and psychosocial wellbeing, Candella aims to get quality mental health services made available to as many people as possible. 

Keep Australia Beautiful

One of Australia’s longest-standing environmental non-profits, Keep Australia Beautiful is dedicated to inspiring and empowering community action to protect and enhance our environment. They believe that by working together as a community, we can support the beauty of our great country – and benefit from a cleaner, greener place to live. 

Medical Pantry Limited

Medical Pantry makes healthcare environmentally sustainable by sourcing surplus medical supplies and equipment and delivering it to underserved communities around the world. Run entirely by a team of volunteers, Medical Pantry has diverted 15 tonnes of waste from landfill to date.



GreenCoat is a plasma-coating smart window solution that can moderate the flow of heat through windows in Australian buildings. By changing the opacity of windows in response to real-time environmental conditions, GreenCoat aims to help Aussies save energy and save the planet. 

Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) 

ASBEC is the peak body of key organisations committed to a sustainable, productive and resilient built environment in Australia. To ensure everyone has a safe and healthy place to live, they advocate for policies that will increase the sustainability of our homes, workplaces and communities. 

FutureTech Association Australia

FutureTech is a social enterprise offering STEAM-based social and learning programs for neurodivergent youth. Their model encompasses autism-friendly practices, universal design, and enquiry-based learning to inspire neurodivergent minds to build a better future. 

Huber Social

Huber Social’s mission is to direct resources to have the greatest impact and leave no one behind. To achieve that, they work with organisations across the private, public and social sector globally to measure social impact and create social value. 

Racial Justice Centre (RJC)

A not-for-profit founded by lawyers, RJC exists to eliminate racism and racial injustice by using the legal system. They operate the first Australian Community Legal Service focused on racial justice, and seek to litigate, educate and work towards reform to the law so we can all live, thrive and enjoy life without racism. 

Superyard Online

Superyard is a sustainable construction marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of unused construction materials and related equipment. Its mission? To drive sustainability in the construction industry and help companies thrive through innovation and the circular economy. 

Unique Excellence

Unique Excellence is an innovative and sustainable supply chain consultancy that empowers small, medium and global enterprises to build their aspirational supply chain. They develop ESG solutions and hands-on circular economy projects and execution, ensuring their clients deliver financial benefits to their stakeholders – and ESG value to their communities. 

Waves of Wellness Foundation

Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation offers free surf therapy programs across 4 states and 9 locations in Australia. Using trained mental health professionals as surf coaches, they create opportunities for people to engage in a holistic therapy backed by research that promotes mental, psychological and physical wellbeing.

Community Mental Health Australia

An initiative of Community Mental Health Australia, the ACDC project helps to connect people with psychosocial disability and their carers with resources, support, recovery and prevention services. 


BaptistCare is a leading Australian registered charity that provides services and/or accommodation to the vulnerable. This includes the aged, homeless, and people with disabilities. 

Good Housing

Good Housing is a registered Specialist Disability Accommodation Provider (NDIS) that provides purpose-built homes to individuals living with extreme intellectual and/or physical impairments. 

Good Mourning

Good Mourning wants to change the way we think and talk about grief. Their mission is to smash the stigma around grief, so no Australian has to cope with loss alone. And they’re building a more grief-literate Australia through their podcast, book, workshops, and collaborations. 

Hustle and Heart

Hustle and Heart believes that effective marketing is about creativity and empathy, and sales must be consent-led, social and joyful. Through their courses, programs and business coaching, they enable small business owners to have more joy, impact, and profit. 


Turning Point Support

Turning Point Support (TPS) helps NDIS participants understand their plan and options. As part of their services, TPS links participants with chosen providers, and checks in regularly to ensure that the support meets quality and safeguarding requirements. 


Wheelhouse connects purpose-driven innovators with opportunity, technology and support to scale their social, environmental and economic impact.


Drive Energy Consulting

Drive Energy Consulting helps businesses meet their energy needs through comprehensive analysis and tailored solutions. Through their specialist energy consulting services, Drive Energy Consulting aims to help small to medium sized businesses achieve their energy goals and develop ongoing, sustainable energy solutions.

Echo Impact Group

Echo Impact Group is a multidisciplinary strategic design agency that combines change management and impact measurement services. Through codesigning, transforming and strategising solutions, they take businesses closer to meeting mandates around social equity, community development, and impact. 

Letters of Hope

The idea behind Letters of Hope is to show people in their darkest hours that there is good in the world. They do this by sending handwritten letters to people who are struggling with their mental health, packed with words of empowerment, coping strategies, and helpful support contacts. 


MindMuse seeks to help people work through little problems before they escalate into larger ones by providing accessible mental health support whenever, wherever. Their free mental health chatbot, MindThera, is available to anyone, anytime. 


SolveSquad’s mission is to address social challenges facing disengaged youth by creating online and in-person opportunities. They also create employment opportunities for young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds by matching them to employers in their fields of interest.

Stripped Supply

Stripped Supply is Australia’s first diabetes subscription box and online learning platform, ensuring every patient has equal access to top-tier healthcare. They also simplify diabetes education, reduce overwhelm and increase patient self-efficacy. 


The power of career conversations is at the heart of UNIQ You’s work. They help to expand high school girls’ career-thinking to include industries and roles they’d never known or thought were for them through 1:1 video calls with working women in STEM and VET roles.


Australia and New Zealand Tongzhi Rainbow Alliance (ANTRA)

ANTRA is Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of the LGBTQIA+ community in the Chinese Diaspora. Their goal is to promote mental health and wellbeing and to create a more inclusive and accepting society for everyone. 

She Shapes History

She Shapes History is on a mission to bring attention to the often-overlooked yet highly significant contributions of women throughout Canberra’s history. They organise walking tours that show how women have shaped history in the places they’ve shaped history.


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