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Why hospitality-led services and amenities in the office are more important than ever

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Hub Collins Street

Lauren Smith Creative & Brand Manager

8th April 2022

5 min. read

With work becoming unshackled from the office in the shift towards hybrid work, the role of the office has transformed from being a place to get tasks done, to providing a workspace experience. The office now exists to foster collaboration, promote productivity, and offer features that contribute to the health and wellbeing of employees. 

Expectations around what employers can offer in terms of a workspace have evolved as employees transition from remote work-from-home to a post-pandemic future of hybrid work. Because of this, many employers are struggling to attract and retain top talent in their industries.

Employers from companies of all sizes and industries are now actively searching for office spaces that make healthier, happier, and more productive employees. They’re also looking for spaces that address the evolving needs of their employees and provide perks that matter to them.  

The predominant features of office spaces that attract employees are hospitality-led services and amenities. Here’s what they are, and why they are so important for every employer to offer in their workspace. 

What are hospitality-led services and amenities?

As one would expect, hospitality-led services and amenities are a step above the provision of services and amenities in the office. Realistically, any office space can provide basic services and amenities to employees—including change rooms, bike storage, and a receptionist. These are features of an office that are expected by employees, and the minimum standards of a functional, modern-day workspace.

Hospitality-led services and amenities elevate the workspace. They exist to create a bespoke experience, and involve dedicated teams with leading skills in hospitality providing services and facilitating amenities. 

Hub Flinders Street amenities

At Hub, the premium hospitality-led services and amenities we offer in our spaces include:

  • Barista-run cafés
  • Tenant business lounges
  • Event spaces, meeting rooms, boardrooms, and training rooms
  • Media studios
  • Fitness studios
  • Wellness and relaxation rooms
  • Parcel receipt, storage, and management
  • End-of-trip facility management and bicycle repair services
  • Networking/social events
  • Exercise programs and fitness classes
  • Business programs for education and B2B events
  • Social clubs
  • Concierge services
  • Access to discounts from local businesses

Why are they so important?

Employee expectations for office amenities and services have shifted. Their reasons for coming into the office centre around flexibility and experiences that contribute to their wellbeing, productivity, and collaboration at work. 

This could involve a range of factors depending on each individual, but usually include things they can’t always experience when working from home or in a traditional office setting. Think an in-house café they can meet clients in, a relaxation room for a lunchtime meditation, networking opportunities with likeminded people, wellness and exercise programs,  and social clubs and events.

Events at Hub Parliament Station

Employers have left behind long-term leases in traditional offices in search of experiences they can offer employees. As a result, many commercial property owners and landlords are now turning to flexible workspace operators to help them provide this, and attract quality tenants.  

Hub’s Building Hospitality offering alleviates the challenge of providing enhanced levels of service and amenity that many landlords face, delivering exclusive and on-demand services and amenities to create a bespoke experience.

A snapshot of Building Hospitality: Civic Quarter, Canberra

In 2021, Hub partnered with Amalgamated Property Group (APG) at Civic Quarter, a state-of-the-art commercial office building in Canberra.

Hub operates the business centre and concierge for the whole building under a ‘by Hub’ brand—Civic Quarter Business Centre, by Hub. Spanning across two floors of premium flexible workspace, Hub offers exclusive hospitality-led services and amenities including a café, serviced meeting and event spaces, and networking events.

Hub Civic Quarter meeting services and amenities

Over the first year of operation, we have witnessed huge demand for the space, and high utilisation of the business centre by building tenants, alongside flexible workspace customers and the public.  

The success of the space at Hub Civic Quarter is evidence that while a functionally-designed office space does matter, it’s the additional services and amenities—and the hospitality-led manner in which they are provided—that creates a genuine experience for the end user. 

Are you a commercial landlord, developer, or property manager looking to benefit from a flexible workspace offering? Partner with Hub Australia to create and manage the ideal hospitality-led workspace. Find out more about our landlord partnership products and services here.

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