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Case study: How Future Group created a workplace that champions sustainability and employee choice

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Hub Australia

17th April 2023

5 min. read

The challenge

In response to the post-pandemic shift to flexible work, Future Group ran a 6-month ‘distributed first’ trial to explore the benefits of a fully remote team. The trial proved successful. This led the company to adopt a remote-first policy and redefine the office as a space for connection and collaboration. 

As one of Australia’s most influential purpose-driven organisations — operating in responsible superannuation investing — the team needed a workspace that fitted with their impact initiatives. They knew they wanted to work from a coworking space: specifically, somewhere that was a Certified B Corp and carbon neutral. Based on their ethical supplier guidelines and screening criteria, Hub was the perfect fit.

“Being a Certified B Corp ourselves, knowing that Hub is also a Certified B Corp made the decision easy. There weren’t any other coworking spaces that met our high standards.” – Steven James, Sustainability and DEI&B Manager at Future Group   

Essential needs

  • A space that aligned with the company’s impact-driven values, ideally carbon neutral and B Corp Certified 
  • An Australian-owned provider 
  • A range of locations across the country to support the dispersed team and remote-first policy
  • Facilities to foster in-office collaboration

a woman sitting at her laptop in a café

The solution 

A customisable workspace experience

The ‘head office’ of Future Group is found at Hub Customs House, where they currently occupy a 16-person office space. Hot desks can be booked via an app on an as-need basis, allowing teams in Sydney to plan when they want to come in. As for everyone else working across the country, they’ve got the freedom to book flexible desks and meeting rooms at any other Hub location as and when they want.

Empowered and connected employees

The remote-first policy implemented by Future Group presented an opportunity to consider staff equity. For at-home work, each member of the team has been given a work-from-home budget to make sure they’ve got an ergonomic set-up and access to the right equipment. Any staff members earning less than $120,000 per year were given an extra $100 a fortnight. 

Whenever there’s a need to collaborate in person, Hub workspaces are there to help make it happen seamlessly. When team members are travelling, they have the easy option to drop in and spend time with interstate colleagues. At various points throughout the year, the whole team from across the country gathers at Hub Customs House to connect and socialise.  

Continued positive impact on the planet 

As a company that directs its member’s superannuation savings towards investments that are helping create a future free from climate change, being mindful of environmental impact is the bread and butter of Future Group’s mission. The company continues to live this mission at Hub, given Hub is carbon neutral certified by Climate Active and has been a B Corp for over 10 years.

Key results

  • A team given the agency to choose how and where they work, without losing valuable connections with their coworkers 
  • The peace of mind knowing that Hub is a Certified B Corp and carbon neutral, and the simple act of going to work is doing good for the planet 
  • A workspace experience that fosters a revolutionary way to work, fitting with the unconventional business Future Group is


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