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Joel’s Greatest Shave

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Hub Australia

18th March 2021

Joel Cranshaw is the founder of Clearpoint Enterprises, and one of Hub Australia’s founding members. Over the last ten years, Joel has become an essential part of Hub’s community, collaborating with many other members and growing his network and friendships.

During 2020, Joel made the decision to forgo haircuts with his young son Oscar – together, they have aimed to grow their hair as much as possible to participate in the World’s Greatest Shave for 2021, raising money for blood cancer research, a cause close to their hearts.

A cause close to his heart

“My grandmother Shirley succumbed to blood cancer later in life. She was a huge influence on my life – she and her husband took in my father when he was orphaned at the age of 15. We could talk about anything, and I would have preferred to have her around for a few more years.

Then there are others like Ed who worked with me at Toyota and had Leukemia as a child. I only discovered this when I found out Ed’s son Angus also has Leukemia. 

And finally, there was the day early last year that I came home to find my partner Tanya distraught because she had just found out that two people had been diagnosed with Leukemia on the same day.  

The first was her friend Giles who was diagnosed just after the birth of his daughter Maddie, and the second was Monty, the 2.5-year-old son of Tanya’s friend Kylie. Monty has now spent a third of his young life having chemo and other treatment at the Royal Children’s Hospital.”

The World’s Greatest Shave

The World’s Greatest Shave works to raise much-needed funds for research into treatment and a cure for Leukemia, with people from all walks of life making the choice to shave their heads in support.

Joel and his son Oscar have already raised over $3000 for the charity, and are still raising funds for the rest of this month – to donate to their effort, head to their page today!

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