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MyMuse: transforming how businesses respond to cancer


Hub Australia

15th April 2021

MyMuse is working to change the way Australia’s businesses, leaders, and professionals approach cancer, its effects, and the conversations around it.

Founded by Nikki Shah in 2018, MyMuse is one of Hub Australia’s 2021 Flexi Impact members, being supported to grow their impact and reach as they work to change the world.

We spoke to Nikki about her journey as a founder, her aims for MyMuse, and how she wants to help Australians whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

How was MyMuse founded?

Although the journey to MyMuse may have started a few years before, the significant date that launched me down this path was January 16th, 2018.

This is the day my partner passed away from cancer at 32 years old, and my life changed forever.

Not only had he gone, but I also had an underlying feeling that I needed more purpose in my own life, wanting to wake up each day knowing I was working towards making an impact and difference in others’ lives.

With 1 in 2 Australians diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, everyone has been or will be impacted by cancer in some way during their lives.

Even though this number is so staggeringly large, as a country and culture we are not good at talking about cancer and its effects, or knowing how to support someone as they are directly affected.

What impact have you been able to make so far?

Launched in November 2018, MyMuse is a for-profit social enterprise. Beginning as a one-person business, over the last few years we have grown to a team of 11 and are continuing to expand our impact and growth.

MyMuse has a team of specialists including Oncologists, Psychologists, HR Managers, Lawyers, and Policy writers.

We have worked with various company sizes ranging from 10 employees to over 20,000, and offer training workshops and educational sessions for leadership teams, HR specialists, and entire companies.

Each of these workshops and sessions is designed to help individuals and businesses learn how to navigate and support an employee being diagnosed with cancer or becoming a carer for someone affected.

Our programs have helped companies who have reached out in reaction to specific situations, and we (more popularly) help companies with a proactive approach, pre-emptively giving their leaders and teams a toolkit to use when required.

What have been some of MyMuse’s greatest achievements?

We have signed a number of ASX listed and private clients across Australia and New Zealand, working within industries ranging from construction, retail, professional services, and healthcare.

MyMuse has also been nominated for and received a number of awards including Blackmore Women and Wellness, AFR, University of Sydney Genesis Program, and Hub Australia’s Impact Program.


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We have also received a great amount of press through a number of podcasts and national newspapers, helping us spread our message and assist more businesses.

COVID-19 had a huge impact on our planned programs and growth last year, but this year is looking very exciting, with many things happening in the next few months – watch this space!

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