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Is a Coworking Space Right for my Growing Team?


Hub Australia

28th March 2019

Yes, a coworking space could be great for your growing team.
The word ‘coworking’ can bring a lot of images to mind. In its early days, a coworking space was perceived to be all about tech startups, socialising and getting out of your “home office” (read: kitchen table). It’s come a long way over the years, with the initial offering growing to provide the perfect product for businesses of all sizes.

“When coworking kicked off after the GFC it was much more about freelancers, but it worked well and grew – those freelancers became small businesses, then bigger again.” -Brad Krauskopf, Hub Australia Founder & CEO
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Who will we share the coworking space with?

Australian coworking spaces have grown and shifted in response to the change in potential member base, with providers like Hub Australia growing to offer premium options with a focus on diverse membership.
Differing from serviced offices, which are divided between large companies often separated by floors and sometimes isolated from each other, coworking spaces such as Hub Australia ensure their space is divided between various workspaces.

With flexible spaces, dedicated desks, offices and suites available, there is no ‘minimum size’ required to be a member in a thriving coworking space – this benefits smaller teams and entrepreneurs by reducing their isolation, bringing them into a community, and providing them with the best amenities on offer.

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What are some of the benefits for my larger team?

For larger teams, it helps on every level.
Organisation for the business is simplified, with maintenance, logistics, amenities and more all organised by the coworking provider, as well as all furniture provided before you move into the space!
If you’re in your own private office or suite you can also work with your team to customise your space with art and ambience, like Hub Southern Cross members Dreamwalk.
Company culture & employee happiness:
Employee happiness and retention is an ongoing project for every business – with the demographics of the job-seeking workforce changing, retention efforts need to evolve to listen to what the workforce of the future is demanding.

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This culture can also be encouraged through the physical space your team works in – Hub Australia offers break-out spaces, rest areas, workout spaces and cafés and more.
It’s also improved by the events and opportunities presented to them – Hub Australia’s dedicated team runs multiple event series nationwide, bringing members together to network and build connection as well as growing their skills.

“People can no longer have an okay place to work, they need an amazing place to work. If you’re going to ask somebody to give their heart and soul to your company then they have a right to ask for something back.” – Brad Krauskopf

Growth and scaling:
One of the best parts of a coworking space is the options to grow and scale your business and team. With custom solutions available offering the ability to move to larger offices, create custom packages of offices, desks and flexible memberships, and move interstate as needed, coworking gives intense flexibility that many larger organisations strive for.
Hub Australia has coworking spaces in 4 states, and allows members to travel between and make the most of the national network, with meeting spaces and facilities available in each city.

What about the cost?

Hub Australia compared a traditional office lease in Sydney CBD with space at its Sydney coworking location, Hub Hyde Park, which opened in May 2018.
The comparison took into account the leasing of the physical space as well as average utilities and common essential services such as cleaning, amenities, and a receptionist, and found a saving of up to 25%.
Depending on your plans of growth, quality of amenities, and the longevity of your lease, there are possibilities for even more savings, calculated through other sites such as CBRE.

How do we make the move?

The first step is the easiest – contact Hub Australia to connect you to your city’s expert team. Come in for a tour at one of our existing locations, or get in touch to find out more about our upcoming coworking spaces in Hub Parliament Station and Hub Customs House.
You’ll be asked about your needs, walked through the best solution for you and your team, and then welcomed in a state-of-the-art coworking space in a central location, where you can settle in and focus on growing your business.

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