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The Evolution of Australian Coworking


Hub Australia

12th July 2019

Hub Australia provides premium coworking space for businesses of all shapes and sizes – from individuals to large teams, over 3,000 members work from locations in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane.

A positive side to a global crisis

Hub Australia’s beginnings came as a result of the global financial crisis in 2008, when layoffs and restructuring across the world gave many people the push they needed to start their own business, with a mass of freelancers entering the market.

Australian coworking emerged to provide alternative workspaces for these entrepreneurs, as most weren’t able to afford a commercial lease for their own workspace, and working from home results in many productivity blocks.

Australian coworking evolution

When Hub Australia was founded in 2011, the Australian coworking demand was mostly coming from a large number of freelancers and individual entrepreneurs looking for a community and workspace they could work productively in.

They were eager for an affordable alternative to their kitchen tables or makeshift home offices.

As the industry has grown, particularly the businesses that started off as freelancers at the beginning, larger companies and growing teams have taken up the mantle of Australian coworking with a passion.


Financial advantages

For businesses unsure of their potential growth and scaling opportunities, the flexibility offered by coworking is perfect.

Members are able to take up short term leases and flexible terms that allow them to change their workspace or office if needed, adding desks and team members as the business grows.

Compared to commercial leases, this is invaluable.

Once you add in the cost of supplying and moving furniture, connecting and maintaining utilities, and decorating the space to make it motivational and inspiring, coworking with Hub Australia wins every time.

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Community & professional development

Businesses of all sizes enjoy coworking spaces for the exposure they offer to surrounding businesses, introducing them to a wider community to learn from and connect to both socially and in business.

For smaller businesses or remote workers, it can be extremely isolating to not be part of a community.

Employees need regular human interaction for them to continue working happily and efficiently – coworking provides the solution.

Hub Australia offers access to community and networking events, as well as professional development and learning opportunities  – all included in each membership.


Ideas around how to create the ideal modern workplace continue to evolve as new forces, ideas, and employee demographics make their effect known. Hub Australia’s evolving designs and facilities offer every member access to more than simply a desk or office.

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Employee happiness

“You can no longer have an OK place to work; it has to be an amazing place to work.”

– Hub Australia CEO Brad Krauskopf

If companies want employees to give their all to a business, it can’t be a one-way transaction – employees deserve to receive the same care and dedication back, which involves more than remuneration.

Smart companies should be creating an office environment that inspires their team members and everyone involved in the business, rather than creating a feeling that they’re trapped in due to a long-term lease or inflexible office plan.

Australian coworking’s future

Hub Australia is continuing to grow and offer members better work solutions and a national network, with 7 stunning locations over four cities.

To find out what workspace solution is best for you, contact Hub Australia today!

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