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What Will Workspaces Look Like After Coronavirus?

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Hub Australia

7th May 2020

5 min. read

Working styles, locations, and expectations have all been turned on their heads with the emergence of coronavirus, and the designs and standards of workspaces have begun evolving to fulfill newly identified needs of businesses and professionals.

Many businesses have begun the process of planning their return to offices and communal workspaces, scoping out what their new version of business as usual will look like and evaluating the effects of coronavirus on their daily operations and long-term plans.

Why aren’t things going to return to how they were in January?

Coronavirus has caused massive social changes across the world, creating new social protocols (such as social distancing), hygiene expectations of people and workspaces, and stressors for individuals and businesses.

This means priorities have shifted and are unlikely to return to the ‘business as usual’ many experienced before it reached their country, instead evolving to incorporate these new priorities.

What does this mean for offices and leases?

The effects of coronavirus are likely to leave many business owners re-evaluating the benefits and risks of locking into long-term leases.

Many medium and large businesses have been operating under 5-10 year commercial leases, which have raised a number of issues during this time as many business owners have looked to minimise losses and outgoings while they work through the effects of coronavirus on their business.

These long-term leases don’t offer flexibility, leaving many traditional lease holders in a worse-off position than those who have adopted alternative options such as flexible workspaces and coworking.

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Why are flexible workspaces better for businesses?

Through workspaces like Hub Australia businesses sign up for memberships or licenses which offer more flexible agreements and benefits.

This is a better alternative for almost every business, providing a fixed cost inclusive of all utilities, amenities, and maintenance costs rather than being locked into decade-long leases that don’t accommodate the flexibility required by modern businesses.

Flexible workspaces with shorter agreements allow for members businesses to grow at their own speed, rather than risk having a long-term lease in a space that can’t accommodate their scaling.

In coworking and flexible spaces like Hub Australia, members have dedicated account managers and community leads that work to find the right spaces for their teams.

If you’re scaling from a 10 person team to a team of 100, Hub Australia can help with the right interim spaces and planning while you grow.

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What do flexible workspaces include?

Flexible workspaces offer all-inclusive pricing, with Hub Australia’s monthly membership and workspace costs covering:

  • All utilities, covering electricity, water, Wifi, and more.
  • Access to amenities and facilities
  • Cleaning costs of all communal areas
  • A hosted welcome desk
  • Maintenance and fit-out of communal areas and amenities
  • Access to high-quality desks and ergonomic chairs
  • Discounts, community channels, and other benefits
  • Dedicated Community Leads
  • Access to interstate and international locations 

How is Hub Australia adapting workspaces after coronavirus?

Hub Australia has made a number of changes to standards, procedures, and spaces – all working towards providing stability, reassurance, and protection to members, while continuing to supply businesses with amazing flexible workspaces.

Hub Australia has listened to ideas, concerns, and thoughts of members, global leaders, and business networks, working to supply socially-distanced workspaces, upgraded hygiene standards and procedures, online community events, and a range of measures to help members remain confident in their safety and hygiene when returning to work.

Although the effects of coronavirus will be long-lasting for many businesses and industries, it has provided insight and motivation for many to adjust the way they operate and begin look critically at existing operations and workspaces. 

If your business is looking to upgrade the way you work, talk to our experienced team to learn more about how Hub Australia can help you, your team, and your business thrive in the future.