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A Round up of Our Top Networking Articles

To celebrate International Networking Week, we’ve rounded up some of our top networking articles to get you ahead of the networking game.

This week marks International Networking Week (February 6th-12th 2022), an opportunity for business professionals to come together and celebrate the role that networking plays in the success of businesses. Started by Business Network International (BNI) 15 years ago, International Networking Week encourages business owners to share their secrets of networking, and any handy tips they’ve learnt as they’ve grown their business.

Networking is a vital part of running a business, and it’s important to do it well. To celebrate International Networking Week, we’ve rounded up some of our top networking articles containing tips, tricks, and need-to-knows when it comes to successfully networking in business communities. 

Our top Networking Articles:

Find out if Your Networking has the Right Impact

Host of the Good Future podcast John Treadgold shares his wisdom about networking and community, and how to approach interactions with other business professionals in your industry.

Business Networking Tips You Need to Know

Before you start networking you need to ask yourself a few important questions, like ‘what are my expectations?’ and ‘what networking event is right for me?’. In this article, we’ve rounded up some important questions to ask yourself before you start networking, and included some handy tips.

5 Tips for Networking Like a Pro

Learn about a foolproof five-step process for networking like a pro, helping you connect with anyone in any networking setting.

How a Coworking Community Can Help Your Startup Grow

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or part of a small business, you can use a coworking space to connect with others, learn from them, and grow your network. Here’s four ways a coworking community can help your startup grow.