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5 Ways a Coworking Space Can Save Your Business Time and Money

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Hub Australia

1st October 2019

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, a coworking space can save you significant amounts of money and time, with a provider such as Hub Australia helping you ease the load.

Coworking spaces have evolved significantly in the past ten years, transforming from the realm of startups and ping-pong tables to offer functionality and flexibility to businesses looking to grow and succeed in an exceedingly competitive market.

Although coworking spaces like Hub Australia are still wonderful options for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to work more efficiently and create bigger networks to help them grow, larger organisations are increasingly looking to join flexible office space.

1. Fit-out

Every Hub Australia office comes ready-equipped with desks and ergonomic chairs for every member.

Normally the fit-out of a new office involves not only the purchase and transport of the office basics like desks and chairs, but also signage, bathroom setup/fit-out, any kitchen setup requirements, and the installation and setup of any tech or utility requirements.

An office at Hub Australia also provides access to communal amenities like exercise and rest spaces, media studios, meeting space, and even in-house cafés.

Although not every privately leased commercial office would require all of these extras, the all-inclusive nature of coworking means not only do you not need to organise the installation and equipment for any of these facilities, you don’t need to budget for them either.

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2. Maintenance

Nobody knows the importance of regular maintenance like an office manager when the coffee machine breaks down.

By joining a coworking space, you take advantage of a dedicated frontline team who’s job it is to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible for you and your team, from a microwave in need of fixing to a door in need of repair.

With someone else available to manage tradespeople, invoicing, and anything else that you need to run your business in an ideal physical space, Hub Australia helps you save time and money in phone calls, callouts, and repairs.

3. Growth and Scaling

Scaling your business is a sign of success and expansion, and shouldn’t provide a headache when it comes to your workspace.

If you outgrow your office in a coworking space, there’s no need to find a new commercial lease, organise a new fit-out, and bring in the moving trucks.

In a Hub Australia space, your dedicated account manager (or ‘Community Lead’) will meet with you regularly to discuss the needs of you and your team, including any growth or workspace needs.

Whether you’re in need of a larger office or simply flexible workspace for a part-time team member, Hub Australia works to create a package that suits your needs – and with 7 locations across Australia, they can also help with any interstate office requirements too.

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4. Retention

Many of our members cite that the best part of being in a coworking space like Hub Australia is the effect it has on their team and their ability to attract and retain high-quality staff.

“As someone hiring, it’s awesome to say that by working in this location, you’re going to get great perks I could never offer were we operating out of a home office.”

Jessica Brady, Fox and Hare.

As well as offering premium amenities and perks like an in-house café, Hub Australia prioritises creating beautiful workspaces in iconic buildings, and always in central locations close to public transport.

Renting your own private office elsewhere may force you to sacrifice location quality and ease of access, limiting the quality of talent you can acquire and retain.

A coworking space means you get an address in the heart of the central business district while your team gets easy access to transportation, cafés, gyms, and the city’s best shopping.

5. Business opportunities

Networking is the key to creating great business relationships nowadays. Where early coworking spaces were largely filled with people of similar industries, today’s coworking is much more diverse.

Hub Australia is home to some of Australia’s best businesses, from impact-driven NFP’s like Make-A-Wish to global hospitality brands like Nandos, and everything in between.

Being part of a coworking community means you are surrounded by potential partners, clients, and mentors.

A membership with Hub means surrounding yourself with goal-oriented and high-achieving businesses, making every member event and interaction an opportunity to network with business owners, great thinkers, professional freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

This networking and community opportunity is priceless for every business.