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4 Ways to Future-Proof Your Office Space

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Hub Australia

28th July 2020

5 min. read

Making sure your space works for your business and team and will be an asset to you in the future is essential, especially when many businesses opting for long-term commercial leases can be locked in to a single space for years.

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There are four key areas to focus on when you’re looking at truly future-proof office space for your business, taking into account finances, flexibility, and longevity:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Cost management
  3. OH&S
  4. Different workstyles

1. Flexibility

As we head into a new tumultuous period for the Australian economy, many business owners and operators have re-evaluated the benefits of having their own long-term commercial leases for office space.

COVID-19 left many businesses in a lurch, unable to utilise their offices as they needed and with no benefits able to be accessed at home.

Businesses that had made use of the emergence of flexible office spaces were in a better position, able to access their spaces as needed, make use of their online community and events, and know that in a worst-case scenario that their future agreement is for a significantly shorter length of time, allowing the flexibility to downgrade desk numbers and the security to know they can acquire more when needed in any location.

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2. Cost Management

As the shift to remote working options becomes a reality in thousands of businesses, employers no longer need to have a full-time desk and chair available for each employee.

By managing expectations and making use of flexible space, offices in flexible workspaces can fulfill a business’s every need, offering a suite or office space that works to their needs and saving much-needed funds.

Outsourcing workspace delivery can reduce capital expenditure
and provide operational expense certainty. Reducing long term
commitments reduces balance sheet liability and can improve
the efficiency of capital.
” – Colliers Insights Occupier Services | The Flexible Workspace Outlook Report 2020

Although for some it may be an adjustment, this arrangement allows those who prefer working from the office to continue their preferred workstyle, while those who choose to work from home or remotely in the future can still make use of the office space as needed and continue building essential connections with their teammates.

By refining the office space you truly need, you can ensure your business costs are optimised and as low as possible, especially when making use of a communal space with all-inclusive pricing.

3. OH&S

Good ergonomics will never go out of style – ensuring your furniture and space is set up for good OH&S will help protect you and your team as you focus on working productively.

Each Hub Australia office space comes with premium furniture from brands like Steelcase, ensuring your team has the best support during their workday. With the option to customise the space to your own needs, you can also provide standing desks, breakout spaces, and anything else to ensure your team’s needs are met.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Hub Australia was swift to enact a range of health and safety measures for every member, with all spaces optimised for social distancing, regular sanitisation of all areas, and sanitiser and other tools made widely available throughout.

By managing this through a flexible office space provider, each member was able to continue focussing on their business at such a pivotal time.

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4. Different Workstyles

The bullpen-style offices of the early 90s are a far cry from what is sought after nowadays, with a wealth of data and information pointing to the benefits of offering varied work environments as new workstyles are identified, including accommodating for part-time, full-time, and remote workers.

“Access to professional workspaces can improve efficiency and productivity for a remote workforce.” – Colliers Insights Occupier Services | The Flexible Workspace Outlook Report 2020

Catering for a wider range of workstyles can future-proof your office space as more employees learn about their ideal environment – whether it’s someone wanting to work collaboratively with access to whiteboards and brainstorming equipment, an online meeting facilitated through videoconferencing equipment, or someone wanting to focus in a semi-secluded area.

For many businesses aiming to operate their own office in a privately-leased commercial space, it is impossible financially and logistically to offer a truly diverse range of spaces. Flexible office spaces like Hub Australia’s offer a range of breakout spaces, in-house cafés, meeting areas, and flexible workspaces for every member to utilise.

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