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Hub Australia offers premium coworking spaces across Australia, giving businesses of all sizes access to state-of-the-art amenities, a national and global business community, and a centrally located flexible workspace.
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Hub Australia offers premium coworking spaces across Australia, giving businesses of all sizes access to state-of-the-art amenities, a national and global business community, and a centrally located flexible workspace.
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How to Attract Amazing Staff to Your Small Business

It is often a challenge for small businesses to find talented people to fill staff positions. Top talents would rather line up to join the hundreds of big businesses and multinational companies that offer attractive benefits and lavish perks.
A job offer from a small business would be given little importance besides a rewarding position and a secure career path from a large corporation. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can no longer attract amazing staff to work with you.

By focusing on your business advantage and highlighting what you can offer best, you can easily lure great talents away from big corporations and into your ‘den’.

Check out these simple ways on how you can attract amazing staff to your small business:

1. Offer competitive salary and perks.

We’re not saying that you have to promise the world to attract great talent. If you want competent employees to choose you over top corporations, your benefits package should be equal if not better than your competitors.
Being a small business doesn’t mean you can’t offer a competitive salary and benefits package to your employees. In fact, you have a bit of an advantage. You have the flexibility to select a range of benefit options that fit your budget and sit down with your staff to let them pick what is best for them. This makes the employees feel valued. You can also structure your compensation package to reward hard work and efficiency so that good performance benefits from profit sharing. You can consider offering equity to those who remain loyal and industrious over a certain amount of time.
Remember to actually deliver what you do say you will do. Nothing kills trust and motivation in employees like empty promises.

2. Offer flexibility for a better work-life balance.

Offer a flexible work week to provide your employees with better work-life balance. Let them know that you value healthy productivity over their physical presence.

Allow your top talents to work from home once a week as a ‘reward’ so they can spend time with family and save precious dollars on transportation and lunches. If possible, make room for schedule changes to accommodate important family gatherings. By offering flexible schedules and giving importance to work-life balance, you are cementing loyalty in your team.

3. Offer a sense of belonging

An advantage of being in a small business is the number. With few employees to work with, you can cultivate a more personal relationship with your staff. Employees in large companies usually don’t know one another because there’s simply too many of them.
By spending time getting to know each employee as a person and not just as a worker, you are giving them a sense of belongingness and of family. Let them know they are appreciated and your employees will feel that they are part of a community, not just another cog in a machine.

4. Offer opportunities for advancement

It takes years to climb the corporate ladder but in a small business with 5 to 15 employees, promotion could come easier. The opportunity to advance in a better position is one of the perks of joining small businesses and that’s one thing that you should let potential hires know. Offer to become a mentor to your staff and show genuine concern for their personal development.

You may not be able to offer high-value stocks or lavish company outings to top locations in the world, but as a small business, you can still attract great talents to work for you if you know how to highlight your advantages. If you can show that you can provide a venue for growth, and you develop a reputation for taking care of your employees, talented people will line up to work for you.
Hiring competent staff, managing day to day operations and ensuring profitability are only some of the responsibilities you face as an entrepreneur.

The key is to know which concerns to prioritise and which to delegate.

Learn how other entrepreneurs are freeing themselves of the need to maintain an office by taking advantage of coworking spaces.

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