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How to attract amazing staff

Business Tips

Hub Australia

18th May 2021

It’s often a challenge for businesses to find the right people to fill staff positions, looking for the balance between skill and culture fit.

When you’re looking to attract the best staff to your team, it’s important to focus on and communicate your business advantage, benefits, and opportunities for growth.

How to attract amazing staff to your business:

1. Offer competitive salary and perks

In a competitive landscape full of skilled employees, it’s important to have a compelling list of benefits and a competitive salary to attract the best for your team.

Being a small business doesn’t mean you can’t offer a competitive salary and benefits package to your employees. In fact, you can have the advantage of flexibility and personalised service – look into what is feasible for you, and talk to your existing team about what they truly value.

You can also structure compensation packages to reward hard work and efficiency, and consider offering equity.

Remember to deliver what is promised, or you will use techniques to attract people and instantly lose them due to mistrust right afterwards.
Nothing kills trust and motivation in employees like empty promises.

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2. Offer flexibility for a better work-life balance

Communicating to your team that you value and offer flexibility in workstyles and arrangements will raise you above your competitors in many instances.

Across the world, flexibility is an increasing priority for top talent, particularly as millennials make up more of the workforce.

Employers that offer flexibility of hours, location, and work styles often find themselves attracting top-tier talent to their business alongside referrals from current employees as they advocate for the business to their friends and connections.

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3. Create strong onboarding and recognition programs

First impressions matter – look at how you bring on new starters to your business and make sure you’re doing everything you can to make them feel welcome, well-equipped, and appreciated. A good onboarding can be the difference between someone finishing their first week feeling overwhelmed and stressed or feeling ready to take on their new role with a strong work community to support them.

Support and recognition are also essential – look into creating internal channels or processes that allow teammates to publicly highlight their teammate’s successes and show appreciation to each other.


4. Create a workplace your team loves

Bringing your team together in a positive environment that they enjoy being in can be the difference between successful collaboration and begrudging conversation.

Whether you’re looking to establish a headquarters, find a collaborative meeting space, or use hybrid working arrangements with your teams, a flexible workspace in a central location can offer your team opportunities to grow your culture, collaborate more effectively, and reap the benefits of a flexible workspace community.

Hub Australia offers workspaces that grow and adapt to the needs of our members, with flexible terms, all-inclusive pricing, and a range of memberships that can adapt to every team’s needs.


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5. Offer opportunities for advancement

Careers are shaped very differently now than in our parent’s era – what was once a societal norm of ‘one company for life’ with a 15 – 20 year retention cycle has become a much shorter cycle for millennials and Gen Z who struggle to find the same career progression opportunities in a single business.

Many businesses find their retention rates improve when they prioritise fostering professional growth, employable skills, and career opportunities within the organisation.

As well as creating a culture of camaraderie and connection, you should also create one that helps your team excel, grow their skill, and use those skills to in turn help your business. Rewarding, recognising, and advancing your team will help your entire business thrive.

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