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3 Marketing Tips You Need to Know

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Hub Australia

6th June 2018

Hub Adelaide member Jamie Stenhouse is a modern Australian entrepreneur, using his years of customer marketing and design to spot gaps in any industry and market and create offerings to fill them.
He currently runs 1 Piece Social and Market Titans Agency, alongside his global team.


Describe what you do in your business

I generate customers online in any and every industry – I’ve been doing it for almost ten years and worked with clients across 90 different industries.
The reason my businesses are different is because they focus on automations, providing our clients with something that can scale easily without reducing the conversion rate on the front end.

What brought you to Hub Adelaide?

I came back from a trip overseas and when I tried working from home it just didn’t fit anymore – I loved the change of pace of working while travelling, and working at home wasn’t right for me anymore. I had already heard about Hub so came in for a trial – I enjoyed it and began at a flexible desk.

Hub has a true sense of community, always buzzing with positive energy
 to feed off.

When I was travelling overseas, Hub arranged for me to use some other coworking spaces in the US through their LEXC network. Being able to have that space made it so much easier than working out of a hotel – it was more structured and great to be in the midst of the New York entrepreneurial hustle.

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Tell us about the connections you’ve made at Hub.

In the beginning, I joined for a change of scenery, but during the time I’ve been here, I’ve made great connections and close friends. I now share an office with some friends I made in Hub – when you’re friends in the entrepreneur world there’s inevitable collaboration, so it’s great working in a space with them too.

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What are 3 things you wish everyone knew about marketing?

Number one: Don’t try to compete with other brands and companies.

New entrepreneurs, especially, look at other people in the industry and see great content. They set their aim to outperform what already exists, which leads them to produce overcomplicated content that goes beyond what prospective customers actually want to see.
This leads to the next person seeing them and overproducing in the same way – an avalanche effect of complicated content.

Number two: Create content to help your prospect.

A lot of people think they need to have the most in-depth advanced content to get traction in their industry when you should be creating content that helps the prospect. As a creator, you need to be conscious of where the prospect is in their decision-making process, and help get them over the line by creating what they want to cement their decision.
Most people try to prove their expertise through their content, rather than aiming to help their prospect with what they need – marketers get caught up trying to prove themselves rather than actually listening.

Number 3: Stay aware of your outcomes for each piece of content.

Is it to educate or entertain? Does it have a specific call to action? The essential aim is to keep to that specified goal throughout your content plan.
Over recent years, it’s been all about quantity of content, but recently focus has started shifting to quality. There’s so much content out there, and people can’t consume it quickly enough, so they’re only consuming the highest quality and most relevant information and content.

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What’s important about scalability in marketing?

The small things change from industry to industry when you’re talking about scaling, but the arching principles always remain the same. The number one rule is that you need to have a product the market actually wants – this is the overarching principle that often gets ignored.
Once you have something in demand and you’ve pinpointed the reasons people want that product, everything falls into place.

If you want to get assistance with your business’ marketing or content creation, get in touch with Market Titans Agency and download Jamie’s new content creation product, 1 Piece Social.

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