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5 Professional Development Tools You Should be Using

Hub Australia knows that running a successful business means you’ve never finished learning.

As the world moves swiftly in new directions, with disruption happening in every industry, finding professional development tools to upskill and educate yourself is the key to growing, learning, and guiding the future direction of your business.

We’ve put together some great tools to help you on your business journey, whatever your skills may be.

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1. Codecademy

Learning to code is literally like learning a new language – and that means you can’t learn it all in one day. Codecademy offers a mixture of videos, reading, and plenty of tasks to help you learn hands-on.
It’s gamified coding, meaning you get the thrill of satisfaction every time you pass a level, as well as gaining more knowledge.

Coding is always useful, especially when it comes to making your business look amazing online.
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2. Digital Garage

Google’s Digital Garage offers a series of video lessons with follow-up quizzes, helping you learn about 26 different topics to grow your digital marketing and your business.

If you complete the course, you can be awarded the official Google Digital Garage Certification, offered in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

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3. Duolingo

We’re entering a global marketplace! If you have plans to expand your business into the global market, knowing the basics of different languages can be what gives you an edge, as well as saving you time and resources.

Duolingo has turned learning a new language into an addictive phone app that keeps you refreshing what you already know while expanding your knowledge, and it offers dozens of languages.

4. Eventbrite

One of the best ways to grow your skills is by learning from your community and local network – after all, nobody’s going to have local insights like the people around you!

Eventbrite’s business event search is one of the best ways to find professional development events near you and lets you filter by location, date, and price – letting you schedule ahead and make the most of your time.

It’s a great way to grow your network too!

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5. Hubspot Academy

Hubspot has a treasure trove of online professional development tools, content, and resources, covering everything from inbound social media marketing to SEO training and how to create an end-to-end strategy to grow your business.

Each course is in-depth and offers things that will ultimately help you gain skills to market your own business – whether or not you use Hubspot, you can always pull useful information out of the hours and hours of valuable reading.