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How to Leverage Your Coworking Community to Grow a Startup

Bringing an idea to life as a profitable business is challenging. There are problems that need to be overcome and pitfalls to avoid along the way – but you don’t need to face them alone.

All businesses need other people to help them grow.

Whether you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you need to connect with others and put effort into creating a network.
These people can mentor you, help with business decisions and simply be supportive friends.

Even as a one-person business, you can surround yourself with amazing people and find support in a community dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like you grow and succeed.

Here in Australia, many coworking communities catering specifically to startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, young professionals and freelancers have sprouted in recent years.

These communities are designed to promote innovation and productivity through collaboration and networking.

Coworking spaces in Australia are perfect to connect with other enterprising spirits who are happy to share their experience and expertise.

Here are simple ways to leverage your coworking community to grow your small business:

1. Engage in regular exchange of ideas.

Connect and share ideas with like-minded individuals and with those who are different too!

In a coworking community, the opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas with other professionals is limitless – take advantage of it!

Leverage opportunities to grow your business by bouncing ideas with others and asking for advice or feedback.

You may want to host or join collaboration and networking sessions, participate in social activities like community lunches and Friday drinks, and put your hand up to be involved in other people’s projects.

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2. Make yourself and your expertise known

A dynamic and diverse community gives you the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other members. Take advantage of these to get new business and referrals.

Are you a content writer? Seek partnerships with SEO professionals within your community.

If you’re a speaker, connect with individuals and businesses with the same target audience as yours and develop cross-promotion partnerships.

Let others know what you do.

The whole coworking community is a potential client, asset to, or endorser of your services.

3. Hire within the community

You might be a one-person team but even the best can’t do everything themselves.

When you need an extra hand or brain, look to your community to find the right people. The best person for the job might be sitting directly in front of you, or be someone they know.

You can find amazing freelancers to hire on a per project basis which can save time and resources when compared to hiring externally.

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4. Take advantage of the resources available in your community

Coworking communities are designed to foster productivity, with all the tools you need to start and grow your business (as well as the right blend of personal growth tools to keep work-life balance in check).

From dedicated workspaces with reliable internet connections, meeting rooms and equipment, to social activities and learning workshops, everything is designed with the success of entrepreneurs in mind.

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If you’re looking for a dynamic community to join or are exploring ideas to start and grow your own business, Hub Australia is the largest Australian owned network of coworking spaces for growing small businesses.

With beautiful spaces, learning and wellness events, and flexible memberships, Hub provides workspaces that let people focus on growing their business.

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Hub Australia

Hub is a coworking community for growing businesses in Australia, providing premium workspaces, business networks and member services. Hub Australia has locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane, offering everything from flexible desk memberships to large semi-private offices.