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5 Ways to Retain Your Employees

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retain your employees

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6th February 2020

Finding a way to retain your employees isn’t just a case of saving yourself the stress of the recruitment process – bringing on someone new is an investment of your time, energy, and finances.

Although people may have different reasons for wanting to leave your business, it’s important as an employer that you put effort into ensuring you do what you can to retain your employees.

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1. Provide comprehensive training

When you’re onboarding a new employee, ensuring you provide support and comprehensive training can help your new starter feel well-equipped and capable of managing their new role.

Although a new job is always a little overwhelming, making sure that your business is able to provide organised onboarding and training is a good way to retain your employees by making it a positive and smoother experience.

2. Create an adaptable workspace

Working in the same environment all day every day can contribute to burnout and less positive associations with coming to work each day.

By offering a workspace that accommodates multiple work styles and preferences, you acknowledge that it takes more than just a desk and a chair for everyone to work at their most productive.

If you don’t have the space or finances to create multiple breakout spaces and desk options at your current workspace, consider saving time and money by moving to a premium coworking space that offers premium amenities like an in-house café, break out spaces, full kitchen, relaxation spaces, and gym equipment – all included in the monthly cost.

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3. Upskill your employees

Investing in your employees is sometimes avoided because it’s seen as unnecessary, too expensive, too time-intensive, or risky – some employers believe training their staff will lead to them leaving the company.

On the contrary, jobs that offer their staff education can increase their retention and employee happiness. Staff feel valued as a part of the company, and know the company thinks them as a long-term prospect that is worth the investment.

4. Create a positive culture

Working in the same environment all day every day can contribute to burnout and less positive associations with coming to work each day.

Celebrating successes and key milestones and achievements openly and proudly is a step in the right direction, helping your team feel more appreciated for the tasks they work towards every day.

Consider making the most of a measurement and accountability system such as Great Place To Work, who work with your teams to measure sentiment and identify clear ways for your organisation to improve and advance in pursuit of becoming one of the Best Places to Work.

5. Request feedback and listen

Communicating to your team is essential – being transparent about expectations and results can help create a better internal culture for teams, but two-way communication is even more beneficial.

As well as sitting down for a one-on-one with direct reports, create an internal process that allows for teams to provide feedback through healthy channels.

Action positive changes from these discussions to show they’re more than just lip-service, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a listening culture at your workplace and retaining employees who want more than a talk-down style.

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