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What is Coworking and Why Should I Care?

The sharing economy is a staple of our daily lives – whether uberpool, share housing, Airbnb, car sharing – the list of ‘industry disruptors’ has now been welcomed into every part of our lives, offering convenience and saving us money.

Sharing isn’t just for getting things done around the house or in our personal lives.

Businesses of all industries and sizes are realising the benefits of sharing space and resources and helping support the rise of coworking across Australia.


What is coworking?

Coworking spaces are designed to be occupied by a range of people and businesses, providing a variety of spaces, office sizes, and community-centred areas where every member can collaborate, work, and connect.

As an example, Hub Southern Cross operates over two floors of the heritage Mail Exchange building in Melbourne and offers private offices, event spaces, flexible work areas, dedicated desks, a fully staffed café, and a number of other amenities.

Many spaces specialise in a particular sector, such as tech or arts, but a rare few offer a truly diverse community, with organisations of all sizes and specialties taking their place in the internal microcosm.


Why do people choose coworking?

One main motivator for people to choose coworking is to save on cost.

Whereas some businesses with teams of 10 might previously have had to find a location and pay for rent, utilities, and front staff, they can now bundle all of these costs into a much cheaper package.

For larger organisations, coworking has an added benefit of keeping their staff happy, as many spaces have full-time Community Leads working on programming and networking opportunities for all members, as well as connecting them with like-minded people.

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What benefits does coworking have?

Some spaces, such as Hub Australia, offer members professional and personal development events and workshops, as well as networking events. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a team of 40, you can always benefit by growing your professional community.

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Especially for startups and smaller teams, coworking means that they can be part of a larger community in an often isolated industry, offering them opportunities to collaborate and network.

Many who work from home can struggle with motivation and loneliness, whereas those in coworking spaces are surrounded by people trying to grow their businesses.


Where are coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces tend to be in more central locations, such as the centre of major cities, but can be located anywhere – some rural areas use coworking as a way to gather isolated workers and create a community, and this works equally as well in larger cities where it feels easy to be lost in the crowd.

Hub Australia has opened six locations across Australia now, with sites in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. A focus for Hub Australia is to offer ease of access and good proximity to public transport in city centres, such as Hub Anzac Square which offers direct access to Brisbane’s central station, making commuting a breeze.

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Hub Australia

With locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, Hub Australia is bringing premium coworking to Australia’s growing businesses, offering tailored workspaces, a curated community and member services.