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How to Explain Coworking

Although rapidly growing around the world, coworking is still an emerging industry. While many are familiar with the term, it can be hard to explain coworking to those who have never experienced it.

Coworking revolves around the concept that working on your own doesn’t mean you need to be alone. Coworking refers to the concept of being co-located in a building but working on your own projects, in your own business or with a team.

This isn’t just relevant to freelancers – small teams are often equally isolated, and when you’re starting your own small company (or working remotely) this can have a negative effect on morale, motivation, and mental health.

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Isolation is a common complaint, with some entrepreneurs feeling alone in their struggles.

Coworking creates a community of like-minded people, there to both support you and show you that you’re not alone.

People you are working next to have likely gone through the same hurdles in their career so can offer advice and help. 6 months from now, you can offer the same help to someone else – and the cycle of support continues.

It can be a challenge explaining why you choose to work in a space so far from the traditional work format. It’s sometimes a benefit to explain coworking as a perk-filled decision, with Hub Australia’s clubhouses offering many perks, including curated communities, fully-equipped kitchens, professional development events and friendly staff.

It’s easy to rationalise, as it’s better for your mental and physical health, while also being more financially sensible than renting your own office in a traditional sense.

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There’s not yet a lot of research into the benefits of coworking, but research has shown that it’s not only good for your business, but also for you as a person.

People who participate in coworking reported that they feel happier and more creative, have better work-life balance and feel engaged and supported.

In Deskmag’s annual survey for the Coworking Forecast in 2013, people reported that coworking was a positive influence in their lives.

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62% reported significant improvement in their work, 71% said they were more creative, 90% felt more confident and 70% said they felt healthier then they had in a traditional office setting.

At the end of the day, more people are looking to join coworking spaces in central locations, whether they’re sole traders or part of a large organisation.

Those who haven’t yet discovered the wonders of coworking, and the community experience within it, are undoubtedly going to press you for more information on the intricacies of your day-to-day to try and understand for themselves.

No matter how you try to explain it with words, nothing will ever explain coworking or the experience like bringing them in to see for themselves.

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