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Why B Corporation Certified Businesses are Changing the World

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Hub Australia

26th March 2021

5 min. read

B Corporation-certified businesses commit to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Each March is ‘B Corp Month‘, where certified businesses around the world share their stories and impact with their customers, partners, and networks.

With thousands of businesses around the world making this commitment to ‘live something bigger’, many B Corporation certified businesses credit the program with guiding their social and environmental impact initiatives.

Why Hub Australia became a B Corp

Hub Australia joined the B Corporation community almost 8 years ago, becoming one of the first certified businesses in Australia.

As a business, Hub’s CEO wanted to ensure impact was embedded at the core of the business – as Hub has grown, the certification has kept every aspect of the business accountable and committed to recertification.

“We don’t just give lip service to impact – we’re a B Corporation and carbon neutral certified to prove that we follow through on our promises”– Brad Krauskopf, Hub Australia CEO 

Businesses making an impact

Impact motivates a large amount of the population, including employees, partners, and consumers. There is a growing expectation across Australia for businesses to make a tangible difference to their industries and communities, with accountability and transparency alongside.

Every business can incorporate measures that allow them to minimise their impact on the environment and maximise the positive impact they have on their communities.

Happier world, happier teams

As Millennials and Gen Z begin making up the majority of today’s workforce, trends have emerged showing how highly these demographics value employers and businesses that care about living something bigger.

While consumers often opt for a product with reassurance of its impact and ethics, Australia’s best talent is doing the same with their careers, opting for businesses that demonstrate strong values that align with their own.

This allows B Corp certified businesses to differentiate themselves, attracting some of the best talent across the world to help them further their business and impact goals.

Further certification and accountability

B Corporations commit to being re-certified regularly, ensuring they stay on track and continue to grow their positive impact as their business grows.

“B Corps are 2.5 times more likely to be carbon neutral than ordinary businesses” – B Corp, 2020

In 2020, Hub Australia achieved carbon neutral certification for all business operations and each Hub location, a lengthy process that minimises and offsets all energy use throughout Hub. 

This ensures every member and customer is part of a carbon neutral workspace, minimising their own carbon footprint and helping them on the way to their own impactful business journey.

Each membership and desk contributes to Hub’s carbon neutrality, environmental efforts, and social programs including our Flexi Impact program. 

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