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Meet the social enterprises joining Hub’s 2022 Flexi-Impact Program

Flexi Impact 2022

Hub Australia

25th January 2022

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After receiving over 100 applications from a wide range of social enterprises across the country, Hub Australia is proud to announce the 62 winners of our 2022 Flexi-Impact Program. 

As Australia’s best up-and-coming purpose-driven ventures making a positive impact on our community and environment, all of these businesses will receive a Hub membership to one of our locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, or Adelaide for the entire year. Each membership provides access to our community, workspaces, and exclusive member benefits such as networking events and premium amenities to help them continue to grow their impact in 2022. 

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Flexi-Impact Mmembers by impact area for 2022

Flexi Impact 2022

Sydney’s Flexi-Impact members:

Missing Perspectives

Missing Perspectives is a youth-led organisation dedicated to elevating the stories and voices of young women around the world. They are challenging the underrepresentation of young women in the news industry worldwide, and since launching in June 2021, have thousands of readers from 100+ countries.


Scriibed exists to provide safe, secure, and flexible work to the more than 2.2 million Australian women impacted by domestic abuse and family violence, and improve access to critical elements of the justice system.

Benevolence Financial Group

Benevolence is a social-enterprise mortgage broking company, donating 50% of their profits to building homes for families in need. They are dedicated to using the power of finance to create a better future for their customers, communities, and the planet.

The Reconnect Project

The Reconnect Project is a social enterprise and registered charity closing the digital divide by collecting unwanted digital devices, refurbishing them, and providing them to people in need. They reduce eWaste, drive the circular economy, and embody the right to repair digital devices.

Welcome Merchant

Welcome Merchant is a WOC-led social enterprise that elevates refugee-powered businesses in Australia through events, merchandise, social media, and online directories. Refugee chefs take home 50% of the ticket sales from their events, and they run skill-building workshops for emerging refugee entrepreneurs.

Purpose Conference

Purpose is the annual celebration of the incredible community of purpose-driven business in Australia. Purpose was created out of a need for a platform where people and companies who are driving purpose into the very core of their business models can come together.

Food Ladder

Food Ladder is a not-for-profit providing hydroponic greenhouses to remote and Indigenous communities across Australia. Their mission is to empower and educate future generations to grow food in the community, to improve nutrition while protecting the environment and enhancing the local economy.

The Scale Institute

The Scale Institute designs foundational programs in entrepreneurial thinking and leadership capability. Their initiatives are action-based, where people learn by doing and sharing.

Ngurra Advisory

Ngurra Advisory is a 100% Aboriginal owned and controlled consulting firm. They work closely with community, government, and corporate clients to analyse the challenges they face in making a positive impact in First Nations communities. 

Kira-Lea Dargin Indigenous Consultancy 

Kira-Lea Dargin Indigenous Consultancy aims to assist businesses to develop a greater understanding of Indigenous engagement, and actively develop positive social and economic outcomes within their workplace.

Xylo Systems Australia

Xylo Systems is a cloud-based platform turbocharging wildlife conservation so that we can all tackle the extinction crisis faster, together. They exist to preserve biodiversity for future generations.

National Indigenous Culinary Institute

The National Indigenous Culinary Institute aims to provide employment pathways through education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples into the hospitality industry, working with Australia’s leading chefs and restaurants. 

Transforming Justice Australia

Transforming Justice Australia is a specialist restorative practice organisation for survivors of sexual assault, persons responsible, families, and community. Their mission is to reduce the impact of sexual, domestic, and family violence and they believe this is achievable by listening to survivors as experts, and applying a restorative framework. 

Rainbow Families

The mission of Rainbow Families is to build a community that fosters resilience by connecting, supporting, and empowering LGBTQIA+ families. They provide support, resources, and community connection to members of the LGBTQIA+ community so that they can live their best and most colourful lives.

pixoTags Pty Ltd

Pixotags is a female-founded startup that partners with women of CALD backgrounds who are forging their own entrepreneurial path. They help bring the business to the ICT world by enabling automation—leveraging on existing platforms, and increasing business efficiency.

Green + Simple 

Green + Simple are in business to create a more sustainable future for all living things. Their vision is to be Australia’s most trusted destination for sustainable living and storytelling.

Goods 4 Good

Goods 4 Good is on a journey to change consumer behaviour and provide a platform for people to buy from impact-driven businesses. They aim to give customers the opportunity to use their buying power for good, and champion the causes supported by Australian social enterprises.


Sameview is an online platform that helps people with disabilities and their families to improve communication and collaboration between their teams of medical, allied health, disability support, education, and other people.

Enactus Australia

ENACTUS Australia supports university students across Australia to identify local social and environmental issues, and develop social enterprises to address them. So far, they have worked with 18 universities, 600 students, and 110 enterprises.

Diversity Arts Australia (DARTS)

DARTS is Australia’s national voice for ethnocultural and migrant racial equity, advocating through principles of human-rights and social justice, and a belief that a truly diverse spectrum of creative expression and participation is fundamental to a democratic, inclusive, and sustainable creative sector.


Melbourne’s Flexi-Impact members:

Challenges Abroad

Challenges Abroad is on a mission to ignite compassion and create a new generation of global citizens. Their volunteer programs support the FutureSense Foundation, a registered UK charity, and this partnership ensures all of their programs have a long-term, sustainable impact on the communities that they work in.

Guida Health

Guida is dedicated to helping every person with a life-changing condition get the care and support they deserve. They exist to build confidence in the people who care for someone through informing, educating and training them.

By Mind Side

By Mind Side is changing workplace mental health through their peer support app which intelligently matches staff to support each other through lived experiences, and uses data analysis for early detection of mental illness. 50% of their profits are dedicated to helping people with mental illness find employment.

Green Fox Training Studio

Green Fox Training Studio is Australia’s first not-for-profit creative training facility behind prison walls. They work with prisoners intent on turning their lives around, offering them comprehensive, work-ready training to help break the cycle of re-offending and create safer communities.

Mosaik Experiences

Mosaik is a social enterprise that exists to address the social isolation and loneliness that Australians undergo. They create authentic cultural experiences by using the power of the arts and culture as a vehicle to improve well-being, embrace diversity and inclusion, and enhance quality of life.

Mighty Impression

Mighty Impression is an artisan soap company, hand making their soaps in Melbourne and selling them to support life-changing causes. They have a particular interest in building an equitable and inclusive future through accessible education, and investing in emerging leaders.

A Fitting Connection

Based in Melbourne, A Fitting Connection helps bring local fashion and textile brands to market. They have recently pivoted to being a social enterprise, where they educate youth and the community about textile waste.

Shakti Mental Health Melbourne

Shakti Mental Health facilitates mental health discussion for the South Asian Australian community to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. They exist to bridge the gap of young south Asians struggling to find mental health support.


Goodtel is a purpose-led, social enterprise telco that gives 50% of its profit back to good causes that help protect the planet and those in need. Their mission is to get Australia using its telco as a force for good.

New Bub Club

New Bub Club wants to give time-poor parents convenient and environmentally friendly solutions. They operate a zero waste meal delivery service which supports new parents across Melbourne as they adjust to parenthood. Many of their meals are made by and donated to refugees.

Global Voices 

Global Voices is a youth-led Australian not-for-profit committed to developing the next generation of leaders through providing practical experience. Their Scholarship Program includes participation in a Canberra Briefings Program, completion of a Policy Fellowship, and attendance at an international delegation.

Voice of Health

Voice of Health is a preventative mental health organisation. They have created a mobile app that provides a safe place where users can talk with a trained Active Listener who can help them develop strategies to self-manage their mental wellbeing.

The Equality Institute

The Equality Institute is a global feminist agency working to advance gender equality and end violence against women and girls. They promote research and learning, offer creative communication and media, and help shape policy and practice in Australia and internationally. 


Harvey is a Melbourne-based marketing agency helping conscious businesses grow. Their clients are allies of people and planet, positively impacting one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Vivacious helps leaders improve employee engagement by empowering people to connect. Their purpose is to inspire people to find their inner spark to better connect with themselves, their teams, and the work they do, resulting in a happier, more inclusive, and connected society.

Social Good Outpost

Social Good Outpost provides design and communication services to social enterprises and women-led businesses and organisations. For every 10 paid hours of work they do, they donate 1 hour to LGBTQIA+, women or indigenous-led businesses.

Alepp Project

Alepp Project gives people a better way to wash by bringing an ancient product to a new market. Alepp is a natural olive and laurel berry oil bar soap that eliminates plastic packaging, with 100% of profits supporting asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.


Fashion is the planet’s third largest polluter. Ownershift makes buying quality second-hand clothing directly from brands people know and trust as easy and accessible as buying new. Brands can decouple profit from production, reduce their impact on the planet, and have a more circular business model.


Hue provides accessible and empowering anti-racism training and consulting to equip people in challenging racism. In the last 12 months, they have facilitated 2000+ people, supported the creation of www.antiracismkit.com.au, and redistributed $54,000 to communities.

Uncle Charlie’s Tastes of Country

This is a new Aboriginal business that brings the ‘tastes of country’ (native Australian food and botanicals) to customers through sustainable food and snack food production.

ITH Capital Partners

As an Indigenous-led firm with outreach across corporate Australia and the First Nations community, ITH Capital Partners seeks to empower Indigenous businesses and communities with the tools and capabilities to grow organically and independently, improving economic outcomes for First Nations peoples. 


Complize aims to make it quick and inexpensive for companies to understand and comply with the requirements around various climate accreditations, in the hopes of encouraging more companies to voluntarily adopt these standards.


#GoKindly produce and sell Australian made, ethically sourced pillows & bedding with purpose. 50% of their profits are donated to supporting women experiencing homelessness and housing stress. They also hire from a range of diverse backgrounds, ensuring they’re providing meaningful employment for under-represented women.

Community Buildr

Community Buildr are dedicated to automating the hassle involved in community building for not-for-profit organisations.

Law in Colour

Law in Colour is an online platform that uses the power of lived experience to empower law students and young lawyers to enter and thrive in the legal profession. They are working towards a legal system that represents the community it is installed to serve.

Contribute Group

Contribute is a global health platform empowering people around the world to make informed health decisions. Determined to provide sustainable, positive impact, they give communities the gift of real-world health-enhancing knowledge.

Body Confident Collective

The Body Confident Collective is a not-for-profit health promotion charity. Their mission is to create a safer body image environment so that everyone feels included, no matter what they look like.


Canberra’s Flexi-Impact members:

Women’s Adventure ACT

Women’s Adventure ACT is a not-for-profit community group, running a range of outdoor activities for women. Their goal is to keep the outdoors accessible, safe, affordable, and available to all women of all ages, backgrounds, gender identity, experiences, and cultures.

Evalue8 Sustainability

Organisations are not empowered to measure and reduce their carbon. The process is costly and time consuming, yet there are substantial benefits for doing so. Evalue8 Sustainability automates the process and identifies saving opportunities, allowing their clients to track and demonstrate their progress in reducing their carbon footprint.

Spirit Hive

Spirit Hive is an Indigenous-led organisation that runs programs and provides support to Indigenous families who are suffering from the effects of trauma, and who may be suicidal or struggling with addiction.


Adelaide’s Flexi-Impact members:


Uniity is a not-for-profit aiming to enrich lives and create caring and resilient communities. They achieve this through hosting neighbourhood events and activities as the catalyst for people to meet, based around common interests including arts, culture, books, food, and children.

Sanaa Ink 

Sanaa is a not-for-profit multidisciplinary arts collective, facilitating and celebrating the power of art and its capacity to bridge cultural gaps. Sanaa hosts a range of Art programs within the community, including street art, music, performance, workshops, story-telling, festivals, exhibitions and fashion shows, with a focus on amplifying the creative efforts of artists from countries that have faced instability.

National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA)

NAVA leads advocacy, policy, and action for the contemporary Australian arts sector. They champion the artists, lead the discussions, and advocate the policies that strengthen Australia’s contemporary arts.

Generation Thrive

Generation Thrive deliver online personal leadership programs that fund opportunities for young people experiencing disadvantage or adversity to develop critical life skills, habits, and the confidence to thrive.


Brisbane’s Flexi-Impact members:

Untapped Customer

Untapped Customer is on a mission to increase the contribution of people with a disability in the design, review, and development of products and services they use. They are an online solution for inclusive-conscious businesses and governments who want to find people with disabilities to contribute their insights.

Walk With Me Online

Walk With Me Online is a platform that supports mental and physical wellbeing through hosting live walks over Zoom. They also hold live events that deliver exclusive conversations with leaders of sport, entertainment, and business on how they thrive through adversity. 

TechForGood Australia

TechForGood supports Australian not-for-profits, social enterprises and community organisations in helping them access cost-effective technology. It is their mission to make easy to use, affordable technology available to all purpose-led organisations in Australia.

Ethical Republic

Ethical Republic is a for-purpose organisation that supports the development of nature-based enterprises in and around protected areas. Their work enables Indigenous and local communities to create nature-based enterprises that are viable, ecologically sustainable, and deliver real impact. 


Hatched design, embed, and scale impact through purpose-driven strategy and action, and design and deliver best practice measurement frameworks to assist in creating thriving, profitable organisations that are impact-driven.


Weavr. is an Indigenous-designed software that helps organisations manage their reconciliation and Indigenous engagement strategies. They help organise activities and data to provide insights and analytics, assisting in sharpening the reconciliation focus in organisation to help see real outcomes for First Nations peoples.


AGNT BLAK was founded in 2020, after the founder, Bianca Hunt, observed how isolating it can be being blak and in the entertainment industry. AGNT BLAK exclusively represents First Nations Talent, providing a culturally safe support for talent in entertainment.


Tirtyl’s mission is to make conscious consumption mainstream, through creating cleaning products that make it practically effortless to switch to a cleaner, greener way to soap. Their ‘give back’ program sees them pass on 2% of sales to social causes they care about.


Want to find out more about our 2022 Flexi-Impact Program? Our Impact Lead Whitney Teluk sat down with Startup Daily to discuss the program, and why for-purpose businesses are so important. Watch the interview here. 

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