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How Mindhive solves problems using crowdsourcing

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Hub Australia

19th April 2021

Hub Anzac Square member Mindhive is a crowdsourcing platform dedicated to helping organisations gain insights into complex problems.

The platform allows people to ask questions to a wide network, share ideas, and evaluate solutions to complex business policy and problems.

Initially launched as a project of the policy think tank Eidos in 2012, CEO Bruce Murihead transitioned the platform into a business consumer model in early 2019, growing the community to over 13,000 experts and contributors.

Mindhive received Crowd-Sourced Funding (CSF) in late 2020, and achieved $360,000 from 269 investors in under four weeks, cementing their success and growth.

How does Mindhive source the best data and opinions for clients?

We focus a lot on 2-way communication and listening to feedback from our enterprise clients and user community, and working to provide the same to our own clients.

In the Beta user community, the most active specialists get early access to new features, helping test their validity.

How has Mindhive grown and changed since launching in 2012?

Mindhive was originally launched in 2012 as a project of the global policy think tank Eidos, aimed for collaborative research and accelerated innovation in public policy.

In 2017, Mindhive was validated in Australian civic-tech industries and began working towards commercialising the platform, before making the transition from a business-to-business SAAS model to a business consumer model.

“We partnered with design agency Josephmark to create a clean and scalable marketplace with an Australia-wide focus, and this redesigned platform launched in June 2019.”

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Mindhive saw a 750% growth in user sessions, a 660% jump in subscriptions, and a 1900% increase in inbound interest. 

What is the best part about working in Hub Anzac Square with your team?

Mindhive was seeking a new office space where the whole team could work closely together to continue growing the company.

The best part about working in an office and a team environment at Hub Anzac Square is being able to collaborate and discuss ideas with others.

To help our team connect, we hold weekly storytelling sessions where we share stories about our life experiences, previous jobs, and qualifications.

We also regularly accept interns, and bringing them to work alongside us in Hub Anzac Square allows our interns to work closely with the rest of the team.

Hub Australia’s memberships offered benefits and events our team was interested in, such as discounts, networking, and social events.

Another great bonus of having our office in Hub Anzac Square is that we’re working alongside and meeting other growing companies each day.

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