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How our Lounge members are using their memberships

Hybrid Work
People working in the café lounge at Hub Collins Street

Hub Australia

29th September 2022

Recently, we announced the highly-anticipated rebrand of our old Connect membership to a Lounge membership. We redesigned our signature ‘every-now-and-then’ Connect offering to better suit the changing needs of a hybrid workforce. Now designed for maximum flexibility, a Lounge membership gives members discounted access to any Hub location, exclusive member perks, and business and networking events

In a flexible world of work, having the ability to access a workspace as needed is beneficial across a range of industries and roles. Our Lounge membership lets businesses leverage Hub’s accreditation in sustainability, impact, and culture to elevate their brand. It also gives access to a professional setting in most major cities across Australia on an ad hoc basis. 

We sat down with some of our Lounge members to see how they’ve been using their memberships, and how being a Lounge member has been beneficial to their day-to-day business operations.

Global R&D – Pavel Reddy

Tell us a bit about Global R&D. What is it that you do?

I recently founded Global R&D after 14 years experience working as an R&D (research and development) tax manager for the likes of Ernst & Young and Michael Johnson Associates, before going on to take the role of Managing Director at Clearpoint Ventures. As the R&D tax advisor and founder of Global R&D, I leverage my research background into new technologies to support my clients.

How long have you been a Lounge member?

I’ve actually been a Hub member for years. I was originally a member when Hub started out at Donkey Wheel House, then moved over to Hub Southern Cross when I was with my previous employer. Once I started Global R&D, I didn’t have as much of a need for an office or even my own desk, and now I’ve been a Lounge member for just over a month.

What do you find most beneficial about your Lounge membership?

In my field of work, I spend a lot of time travelling interstate. The Lounge membership lets me drop in to any national Hub location as I need, whether I want to meet with clients or I just need somewhere to work from for the day. The team at the welcome desk are always warm and welcoming, and help with everything. I’ve never had an issue that can’t be resolved.

How has being a Lounge member helped your business? 

When I work from the café lounge of any Hub location, I know that I’m going to get awesome coffee and a personalised experience. I can rely on Hub to give my clients and guests a positive experience, everytime. This has helped me immensely with building my client relationships, and makes me proud to show them where I work. If I’m working on something confidential or need a bit of privacy, it’s really easy to book a meeting space.


Inglis Consultants – Brian Inglis

Four workers standing in front of a power plant

Tell us a bit about Inglis Consultants.

For much of my career I was in the power generation industry before changing to the gas industry, typically in technical training roles. I’ve always wanted to do consulting. I’m semi-retired now and don’t want to work full time, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity. I spend 30% of my time doing paid consulting work, 30% of my time doing pro bono, 10% of my time with the State Emergency Service, and the other 30% playing music. Much of the paid work I do is helping energy organisations design their training systems to make them consistent and linked to their business objectives. 

How often do you work from a Hub workspace using your Lounge membership? Which Hub location do you usually work from?

After signing up as a Lounge member earlier this year, I started using it once a week but I can see it going up to a couple of times a week. I’m based in Brisbane, so I usually work from Hub Anzac Square

What do you find most beneficial about your Lounge membership? 

I love the flexibility of my Lounge membership. It’s a minor monthly commitment that gives you the choice of where you want to work or how you want to work, whether that’s focused or casual, or you just want somewhere to host a meeting. Hub Anzac Square is also in a really convenient location right next to Central station.

I think the Lounge membership is really beneficial for sole traders, and people in remote roles. It makes the workspace experience really inclusive. I really enjoy receiving the weekly newsletters and finding out about who is coming onboard as a new member at Hub, it really helps with socialising at Wine Down and Breakfast Club. 

I like the look and feel of Hub, and the flexibility I have to book a meeting room or just spend some time in the café lounge. The Lounge membership is a really cost effective and easy membership to use. 

How has being a Lounge member helped your business? 

Working from Hub means I get to work alongside similar people in my industry. I’ve noticed there are quite a few other companies, both in Brisbane and interstate, that are in the energy sector. This, of course, helps me to link up with likeminded people and elevate my service offering. 


Freelance Writer – Narrelle Harris

Narrelle Harris

Tell us a bit more about your work as a freelance writer. 

As a freelance writer, I do everything from proofreading and copyediting to writing material for websites, brochures, and case studies – whatever my clients need. My clients include small and large businesses, universities, government departments, and other writers. Basically, anyone who needs a writer or editor!

How long have you been a Lounge member? Which Hub location do you usually work from?

I was a member with Hub for a while, when the Lounge membership was in its previous iteration. I let my membership lapse during lockdown, and after lockdown ended I signed up again, so I’ve been with Hub as a Lounge member for about a year. I usually work from Hub Southern Cross.

How do you typically use your Lounge membership?

Previously, I worked some days from home and some from libraries, but I’d book a Day Pass to come in for the day if I had to conduct interviews or hold Zoom meetings with clients. That worked really well for me, booking the day and then being able to also book meeting spaces. I like the quiet and the atmosphere. It’s friendly but not intrusive when I need to focus.

Now, I’m coming in every day I’m not working from home. The café lounge is a lot more Covid-safe than libraries, so I feel less anxious. I still book to come in for the day to work from the flexible area when I need to also have Zoom meetings and conduct interviews, but on the other days I can sit in the café lounge and work.

What do you find most beneficial about your Lounge membership? 

Being a Lounge member lets me access a quiet, secure space with coffee on hand for day to day, and fantastic facilities for when I need a private space for interviews. The staff are always helpful. There’s also a good community, so you get to know other Hub members. I’ve occasionally done work for them as well.

How has being a Lounge member helped your business? 

My working life is a lot easier when I know I can access private rooms for meetings or when I have to record interviews. I also love the combined security and amenity of working in the café lounge. It’s pretty much the next best working environment for me, after working from home. Sometimes it’s actually better, because I can be easily distracted by other things when working from home.

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