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Safe Workspaces

At Hub Australia, we operate with a strong commitment to creating safe and healthy workspaces for our members, guests, and staff, following guidelines from Safe Work Australia and federal and state governments.

Managing Your Safety

We have a number of initiatives in place to ensure we continue offering safe and healthy workspaces to all, including:
Continual monitoring of air quality, capacity, and temperature
Thorough cleaning of high-traffic touchpoints
Adapting guidelines, amenities, and communications according to government recommendations
Offering a range of communal spaces, outdoor areas, and open plan offices
WELL Health-Safety Rating

Our WELL Health-Safety Rating

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is a global rating that helps buildings create policies, protocols, and emergency plans for providing health services and keeping a space clean.
The seals that are displayed at our WELL Health-Safety Rated locations help us communicate our high standard of health and safety
We were the first coworking provider in Australia to achieve a WELL Health-Safety Rating
To achieve the rating, we underwent a comprehensive third-party review that assessed our commitment to providing safe workspaces
Coworking space in Richmond café area

Wellbeing at Work

We engage with research-driven wellbeing practices at all levels of our operation, including:
Adopting biophilic design across all of our locations through the use of outdoor spaces, indoor plants, natural lighting, and ventilation
Hosting regular wellness events and activations related to physical, mental, and social wellbeing
Assisting organisations in adopting and implementing hybrid work, helping give their employees a greater work life balance