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How to Make the Most of Your Digital Content

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digital content Jamie Stenhouse

Hub Australia

5th October 2018

Founder of Market Titans Agency and 1 Piece Social, Hub Adelaide member Jamie Stenhouse is a modern Australian entrepreneur. He sat down with Hub’s Content Marketing Lead, Jasmin Ashton, to provide insights into his career and the industry he’s thrived in over the last 10 years.

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I began my career as a typical freelancer, doing everything for everyone, and after seeing great products and campaigns online I became intrigued about how they work.
Through trial and error with various products and technologies, and a focus on listening to what my clients were after, I ended up in the automation world.

I’ve worked to develop a platform, 1 Piece Social, which repurposes content.

For example, if you’re a trainer in the health industry: you can film a vlog about how to eat clean, then upload that to 1 Piece Social. It will be transformed into an email campaign, article, quote cards and podcast automatically. That’s been a side project of mine over the last 6 months in response to client feedback.
My clients couldn’t create content quickly enough to fill the customer need, so now they can create one piece of digital content and have it all created automatically – it was a gap in the market that I was able to identify by listening to customer demand.

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What is the key to digital content distribution?

Content is all about quality and ensuring the right digital content is on the right platform. If you’re an author you’re probably great at writing articles, but maybe your audience is mostly on YouTube – you need to meet them on the platform they want to consume on.
People have a tendency to treat every platform like it’s the same – they’ll upload a 25-minute clip to youtube, then share it on their Facebook and their site. Some platforms aren’t intended for long clips, and people don’t want to digest information in that way.
1 piece social

If you create a piece of long-form video content you can pull the different forms of content from it, and suit it to each platform.


What do you get out of sharing information in forums like Hub’s Lunch and Learn’s?

In that forum, I get the opportunity to test out new ideas, answer questions, and see where people are at in their own marketing journey. I like being able to help out and connect with my audience and reconnect with people who may not know what I’m up to and what trends are on the forefront of the industry.

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Where do you see the industry or your business in the future?

In the next 12 months, I really want to bring 1 Piece Social into the world as much as I can, so I can let my clients and brands have access to the productivity and power of a digital content team without those overheads and costs.

If you look at some big names, they can have upwards of 20 employees working to produce content for their personal brand.

While a lot of entrepreneurs want that same quality, they can’t afford it – this platform gives them the reality without the overheads. I’d love to see 1 Piece Social become a toolbox of everyone online. Even if you’re a team of one, it gives you time back to create better quality content, the single piece that can be adapted for every platform.

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How has your business grown so far?

In 2015, I decided to build an agency (Market Titans Agency) that wasn’t solely dependent on my own name. Prior to that, it was all about me and I was the one completing everything. I’m still the front man, but I have a great team that has let me scale and automate and get more hands-off in my business.

What are 4 pieces of tech you think everyone should use:

  • 1 Piece Social, to help you create great digital content for different platforms, with less time and energy
  • Base Camp for team organisation – it’s great for project management and communication.
  • Evernote is a huge tool in my business, for recording and note-taking.
  • Active Campaign is my CRM of choice, helpful for tracking prospects and deals.


What do you like most about being a member at Hub Adelaide?

There’s a lot I like about Hub – I enjoy the 24 hour access more than anything else. Like most entrepreneurs, I work all hours – I’m usually here on a Saturday and Sunday, and after hours.

I like the facilities and having a flexibility of where I can work, as well as being able to choose how I work.

Knowing I can use the Hub locations in Sydney or Melbourne is important to me as well. I find if I have a problem with a project, it usually can’t be solved where it was created – I love to travel as much as I can, whether it’s overseas or interstate, and look at things from a different perspective and get out of my habit and routine. 

Repurpose Your Content

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