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How to Better Understand Your Digital Audience

Mike Hagley, past Hub member, shared a talk as part of Vivid Ideas Sydney festival, sharing valuable insight on how to better understand your digital audience.

Mike shared 3 great tips on how small businesses can better understand their digital audience:

1. Understand your digital audience

Understanding your audience is key to success in digital due to the way Google is moving with their search algorithm towards conversational search and understanding semantics rather than simple keyword phrases.

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2. Stay current & avoid being penalised by Google

Outdated SEO practices are still being widely used across the industry, with some agencies and advertisers still focused on rankings and using manipulative techniques – this is fraught with danger.

Big businesses like JC Penny and Flight Centre have received penalties from Google in recent years from using manipulative and spammy SEO practices.
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3. Leverage organic search

Businesses still rely heavily on paid media to drive business results, when their primary focus should be on technical SEO and inbound marketing to leverage Google’s ‘free’ and highly trusted organic search results.

Hub Australia also interviewed Mike’s colleague Stuart Beckingham, who proudly shared that their local agency has grown from 3 to 8 people in the past 6 months off the back of some sizeable client wins, and their head office in the UK are focusing on expanding their international footprint.

Fresh Egg’s Agency Head Stuart also shared one of the biggest challenges that their company is facing as they grow –“Our biggest challenge has been finding good talent as the digital industry continues to grow at a rapid rate with very little investment by the industry in creating a career path for more people either through partnerships with university’s or structured digital marketing courses.  This year, Vivid offered us a great platform to share ideas and for our industry to come together to expand each other’s knowledge. “

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As a member of Hub William Street, we asked Stuart how the space impacted their business growth.

“Given our agency has grown from just a few people to 8 in such as short amount of time, Hub has given us the opportunity to feel like we are part of something bigger, it offers us a great place to network and the fun office vibe which makes it inspiring for us to come to work each day.”

Stuart also shared that they are heavily focused on the growth of the agency in the Australian marketplace which involves forging partnerships, having a lot of conversations with prospective clients to understand their businesses and a big marketing push which is deeply rooted in core business strengths being digital and inbound marketing.

Hub Australia is home to hundreds of growing businesses and offers a community of motivated entrepreneurs to work alongside and collaborate with. If you want to be part of an inspiring network of businesses, contact us today.

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