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How to Collaborate in Shared Office Spaces

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Hub Australia

25th January 2019

Hub Australia provides shared office spaces for businesses to grow and thrive in – but how do you make the connections you need to grow your business?

With a national network of over 5000 members, Hub Australia’s member base offers teams and businesses a large community for networking, friendships, and collaboration purposes. So if you’re in a shared office space, how do you find your next great collaboration?

Attend events

If your coworking space runs regular events, make sure you head along ready to have a chat and meet some new people that may already be familiar faces!
Events in shared office spaces aren’t just Friday night drinks (although that’s a usual favourite!), and can cover everything from professional development events to breakfast gatherings. Jump in head first and set yourself a goal each week of talking to someone new.

wine down

Using platforms like these helps you be seen by potential collaborators, as well as putting you at the forefront of peoples minds for word of mouth referrals.

“When you arrive there’s events and networking, so you can connect with other businesses and partners, and there’s a potential for new clients and connections.”– Amanda Smith

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Talk to your community managers

Community Leads and managers are perfectly positioned to connect eager members to each other.

Make sure to mention to your Community Lead that you are interested in collaborating, and ask them to connect you to anyone in the space that would have the right expertise and experience to help you.

They’re also able to connect you to people nationally and help you organise any overseas coworking experiences through the LEXC network. The priority of every Hub Australia Community Lead is to make sure their members are happy and to help them continue to reach their business goals. Whether you’re part of a large team or a freelancer, your Community Leads are always there as a resource to help you grow your business.

“What I tell people that I love about working at Hub is that there’s an energy you can feed off. Everyone’s motivated and you can feed off that intensity, which I really enjoy. We’re not a huge team at Six Park, but we’re part of something bigger here.” -Ted Richards, Six Park

Embrace the small talk

With Australia’s best businesses in Hub Australia’s shared office spaces, it’s easy to meet people organically – being open to conversation at the café or while heating up your lunch means you’re able to connect with anyone in the space.
Of course, talking about work 24/7 can be exhausting for some people – but asking about what people are working on can be a great way to learn about their skills and passions.

“Personally, it’s a great way to keep my sanity by seeing other people around me, even if it’s just meeting at the photocopier or in a kitchen”.
-Joe Cook, Riot Wines

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Use your online resources

Hub Australia offers an online portal that is its own social network – every member is able to log in and create their own searchable profile.
Through this member portal, you can search based on your needed skills and connect to other members to help you fill gaps or get the advice you may need for projects

“The fact that we’re able to collaborate, when we would have never had access otherwise, is wonderful. And you can feel the community here – it’s amazing.” -Jessica Brady, Fox and Hare

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Finding the right shared office space for you and your team has more advantages than just simplifying your daily routine and finances – connecting with our community can provide endless opportunities for growth and skill sharing.

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