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What is Coworking? Learn About Flexible Workspaces

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Hub Australia

21st October 2020

5 min. read

While many are familiar with the term, it can be hard to explain coworking to those who have never experienced a coworking space in person. Coworking spaces are diverse and increasing in popularity, with differences in spaces across Australia and the world.

What is coworking?

Coworking revolves around the concept of shared space, resources, and community (with the ‘co’ in coworking taken from community).

It’s very much an umbrella term, and coworking spaces range from large open spaces filled with desks to higher-end spaces offering offices, meeting rooms, amenities, and flexible desk space.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a team of six, or working in a large business, coworking can offer different benefits and opportunities.

The history of coworking

Emerging as an industry following the global financial crisis of the early 2000’s, coworking was initially a solution to a common need. As many professionals faced redundancy, they decided to start their own businesses or operate as freelancers or consultants.

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With most houses not designed for full-time working from home, and many professionals struggling with isolation and loneliness, coworking spaces began springing up to offer community, fast internet, and networking opportunities.

From there, the industry has grown into a global phenomenon. The emphasis on amenities and flexibility has changed the landscape of commercial real estate and workspace solutions, revolutionising ‘business-as-usual’.

What does it offer?


Firstly, a key offering is community – coworking spaces specialise in fostering connection and networking, often using communal spaces, events, and community managers to help their tenants connect and engage with others in the space.


By operating with flexibility at their core, coworking spaces allow businesses to adapt as they need. Whether you need to scale from a 2-person office to a 20-person office, operate on a short-term agreement so you can adapt to a changing market, or simply want the freedom of knowing you aren’t locked into a ten year lease, a coworking space has flexibility benefits for you.

Diverse workspaces

As well as offering communal flexible desks, dedicated desks, and office solutions for teams of 1 – 200, coworking spaces also offer a range of additional spaces for use by members.

Hub Australia offers breakout spaces, diverse meeting rooms, serviced meeting and event spaces, and a number of collaboration areas, allowing people to adapt their workstyles and work effectively with their teams.


By working in a coworking space like Hub Australia’s locations, you can access amazing amenities through your monthly membership price.

Hub offers:

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Member perks

If you have your own independently-leased space, offering your team a host of member perks involves a significant investment in both time and money. Many coworking spaces offer their own member benefits and perks, ranging from exclusive discounts to regular social, networking, and professional development events.

Employee experience

In every industry, attracting and retaining the best staff is key to business success. It’s no secret that the physical space people work in each day affects their experience, with multiple factors like natural light, plants, location, and facilities all playing a key role.

The benefits of coworking

In Deskmag’s survey for the 2013 Coworking Forecast, the vast majority of respondents reported that coworking was a positive influence in their lives.

People who participate in coworking reported that they feel happier and more creative, have better work-life balance, and feel engaged and supported.

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