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Why Working Remotely No Longer Means Working Alone

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Hub Australia

7th January 2019

More and more professionals are working separately from their office HQ, whether for flexibility, freedom, or the ability to work for a bigger company without relocating.  

In the minds of many, remote workers are as the name suggests: remote, alone, and removed from any sort of team or community – and for some that’s true!

Who’s working remotely?

The types of people working remotely vary greatly – they could be considered any of the following:

  • Gig-economy workers
  • Workers for an international/interstate business
  • Consultants
  • + more

There’s common ground between freelancers and remote workers in terms of work environment and social opportunities, but the key difference is that remote workers usually have one long-term employer and a regular team to communicate with.

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Why do some remote workers struggle?

Many employees working remotely from their team and business complain of isolation and loneliness, largely due to the lack of interaction with others during their work hours.

It may seem incidental to those of us already in office or coworking environments, but the conversations we have daily in the doorway or in the kitchen benefit our mental health.

Many are also working remotely from their home, whether in a home office or their lounge room. While working from home is ideal for some people, being in your home can be incredibly distracting and counter-productive.

It’s easy to put off a project when you could put on the washing instead.

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How can remote workers feel less isolated?

Apart from online networks and prioritising socialising with friends and family, many remote workers are choosing to change their environment.

With the growth of coworking across Australia, led by coworking giant Hub Australia, remote workers now have new options when it comes to their work arrangements.

Many people working remotely from their HQ still want a sense of community and the motivation that comes from being in a more formal workspace, and coworking provides that.

Whether the employees are working on their own dedicated desk, or in a flexible space, being surrounded by other motivated people and others who may be in the same situation allows them to grow their community, as well as growing their network through internal events the coworking space may hold.

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Are you working remotely?

If you’ve found yourself working away from your team or business, and still want to spend your days in a beautiful environment designed to help you focus, book a tour of your nearest Hub Australia location today.

With spaces in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and membership offering access to our national network, coworking at Hub Australia is great for your motivation, your mental health, and your happiness.