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Making an Impact on Entrepreneurs with The Founder Lab


Hub Australia

23rd August 2018

Hub member Constantine Georgiou is a serial entrepreneur, founder coach, and founder of The Founder Circle and The Founder Lab.
The Founder Lab is part of Hub Australia’s Pledge 1% membership program, an initiative that supports amazing not-for-profits to grow by providing a number of complimentary memberships to Hub Australia’s coworking spaces.

What is the background of The Founder Circle?

The Founder Circle was first conceived after noticing how lonely coworking spaces were for me, despite being surrounded by heaps of people.

I also noticed in my own journey that despite being surrounded by other founders, the context of an ‘I’m crushing it’ startup culture left no room for vulnerability, deep connections, and space where founders can open up to peer support.

I was also looking for an excuse to continue to practice my facilitation skills in helping founders grow through Self Enquiry. When Jamie Pride joined the initiative as co-founder, we formalised the program and now run it across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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What programs are The Founder Circle and The Founder Lab working on?

The Founder Lab provides founder development boot camps aimed at improving awareness, adaptability and resilience to overcome adversity and obstacles during the often-challenging startup journey.

The Founder Circle is a free founder-driven peer support group, where entrepreneurs can discuss things they may feel they cannot normally discuss with their co-founders, investors, board, and staff.

This helps work towards destigmatizing many issues founders suffer from, and enables founder-driven sharing, including communicating about how they overcome major challenges in their own experience.
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What do you like about working in Hub Australia?

We love what Hub Australia stands for and how their staff catalyse a culture of innovation.

I have worked out of almost every coworking space in Australia, but always come back to Hub Australia because of this. Your new location (Hub Hyde Park) in Sydney is divine.

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Why is Hub Australia a good partner for The Founder Circle?

Hub Australia has supported the Founder Circle for some time now and has gifted us with a sponsored membership that allows us to continue to serve the eco-system at minimal cost, especially as we are a not-for-profit organisation.

Hub Australia also supports The Founder Circle by hosting and promoting our events to members and external networks, which always helps us to fill our sessions and have a greater impact.


Constantine Georgiou

After 20 years working in the technology industry he co-founded Velteo, a digital transformation consultancy partnered with salesforce.com that was acquired by IBM Bluewolf in 2012.
He then launched One Million Acts of Innovation (an economic development NFP providing better innovative thinking and execution models), and an Incubator and Venture Capital firm. This is where he fell in love with founder coaching, and he has since worked with 370+ founders on investor readiness and resilience development through his unique bootcamps. Constantine is currently at Blirt, a digital and human transformation accelerator. He is passionate about human potential and loves building more conscious Founders and Businesses by calling out Bias, Beliefs and Bullshit.

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